Youth Entrepreneurship Boot Camp to be held at UA&P

The Youth Entrepreneurship Boot Camp (YEBC) will be held at the Li Seng Giap Auditorium on March 22 to 24 (Wednesday to Friday), featuring notable figures in the field of business who will share their expertise and inspiring stories. There will also be an exhibit featuring successful entrepreneurs at Study Hall B on March 22-23.

Organized by the Center for Strategic Reforms of the Philippines, YEBC is a series of talks and workshops that empower the youth to venture into business in the country, as well as pursue a degree in entrepreneurship, so that they don’t have to leave and take their talents abroad.

According to the CSR Philippines Facebook page, UA&P was chosen as a venue “not just because it is a renowned and prestigious academe, but because its Entrepreneurial Management Program has produced some of the finest innovators this country is proud to have today.”

The program may be viewed here.

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