Dr. Veronica Ramirez joins PHILAAK goodwill mission to Kuwait

The Philippine Association of Agencies to Kuwait (PHILAAK), completed its Goodwill Mission to Kuwait last March 4 to 8. The objective of the Mission was to discuss ways of promoting OFW protection and welfare in Kuwait.

The Association, together with former Kuwait Labor Attaché Atty. Angelo Jimenez, Dr. Veronica Esposo Ramirez of the University of Asia and the Pacific and the officers of the Coalition for Licensed Agencies Deploying Domestic and Service Workers (CLADS), was welcomed warmly by the Filipino Community as well as the different Kuwait offices that were visited.

Dr. Veronica Ramirez

On March 4, there were fruitful dialogues with the officers and members of the strong Filipino Association of Secretaries of Employment Agencies in Kuwait (FILSEAK), as well as with the representatives of the Filipino Community (FILCOM) and media. It was overwhelming how the associations assured each other of collaborative work towards systematic and effective management of OFW work in Kuwait.

PHILAAK also made official visits to the office of Honorable Labor Attaché Padaen and His Excellency Renato Villa, Ambassador of the Philippines to the State of Kuwait.  Together with Ambassador Villa, a visit was made to the Kuwait Parliament. Labor Attaché Padaen was also with the PHILAAK in their visit to the General Administration for Residency Affairs Investigation.

Amb. Renato Villa

The mission culminated with the Welfare Management Program  (WMP) for  Foreign Recruitment Agency owners and their Secretaries on March 6, which was attended by 350 participants. It can be recalled that two successful WMP seminars were conducted in the Philippines on August 19, 2015 and October 6, 2016.

The outputs of the Mission will guide concrete steps towards the protection and welfare of OFWs in Kuwait.

Not just an association of recruitment agencies, PHILAAK is a service-oriented association that serves Overseas Filipino Workers, recruitment personnel and management for Kuwait employment. By facilitating personal and professional development activities, it encourages them towards excellent overseas work.

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