New agribusiness book calls for actions for poverty reduction

The Center for Food and Agri Business (CFA) will launch the latest book from Dr. Rolando T. Dy entitled Agribusiness and Rural Progress: Actions for Poverty Reduction on March 21.

Agribusiness and Rural Progress: Actions for Poverty Reduction contains 86 articles that cover the global and ASEAN fronts, local and regional perspectives, rural development, governance, and commodity focus. The book adopts a dynamic, progressive and inclusive economy anchored on three strong, interactive pillars with wide linkages: agriculture, industry and services. Many people are still not familiar with the depth and breadth of agribusiness. Therefore, many do not appreciate its import in overall economic development. The value chain starts with agriculture and fisheries, followed by agri-food manufacturing and agri-services. For the Philippine economy, poverty is an agricultural phenomenon.

In 2015, the national poverty incidence was at 21.6 percent, the highest among ASEAN peers.  Most of the poor are in the rural sector where farming and fishing are the main livelihood.

The book observes high rural poverty as the effect of unproductive traditional agriculture and fisheries. This is an offshoot of a lack of investments, weak institutions, poor governance, and unfavorable policies. Low productivity affects investments; similarly, high poverty also affects investments in consumer and industrial goods.

This is the third book authored by Professor Dy that tackles agribusiness. It is perfect for agribusiness practitioners, economists, researchers, policymakers, and students. The book will be launched on March 21, 2017 at the UA&P campus in Ortigas Center.

The articles are stand-alone pieces, most of which were published in MAPping the Future in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, MAP Insights in BusinessWorld, and in the UA&P Food and Agri Business Monitor.

Dr. Dy’s earlier books include Agribusiness and Inclusive Growth: An Expert’s Advocacy, released in 2015, and Food for Thought:  How Agribusiness is Feeding the World, back in 2009.

Dy is the Executive Director of UA&P’s Center for Food and Agri Business. He has been an observer of international agribusiness development for 40 years. This includes engagements in the ASEAN countries, especially Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.

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