UA&P partners with Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Technology

UA&P recently partnered with the University of Bremen‘s Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Technology (ZMT) in Germany through Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Academic Exchange and Cooperation signed between UA&P President Dr. Winston Conrad Padojinog and Dr. Anna-Katharina Hornidge of the University of Bremen.

Dr. Hornidge is conducting research aimed towards policy-making and practices in preparation for sea-level rise in Manila, Jakarta and Singapore with the support of ZMT, a research and training institution of the University of Bremen. UA&P will be providing the ZMT team of researchers with workspace for writing, meetings and forums, while the University not only gains a connection with the University of Bremen, but the findings and results of the current research will also hopefully yield positive engagements between the Asia-Pacific Studies Department (APS) and other related departments of UA&P.

The provisions of the MOU include the promotion of exchange and cooperation in key academic areas of research, including the sciences, humanities, social sciences, engineering and technology, as well as the development of new areas of collaborative research, teaching, joint cultural programs, and the sharing and dissemination of information, publication and other works in all areas of mutual interest.

It will also facilitate the exchange of faculty and students of UA&P and the University of Bremen to participate in the academic programs of each institution.

The MOU came about as one of the successful networking efforts of APS. Dr. Elizabeth Urgel is the Country Cooperator of the Research Project “Floods and Migration in Metro Manila, Singapore and Jakarta,” in partnership with the University of Bremen under the sponsorship of ZMT.

Read more about ZMT here.

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