Trailblazers of 2016 recognized at UCC2016

One of the highlights of the University Christmas Celebration 2016 was the recognition of this year’s Trailblazers. The awards are given to the exceptional staff of UA&P who have served many years as part of the institution. Since 2014, the recognition has become a major part of the yearly University Christmas Celebration, where their fruitful years in UA&P are celebrated with the entire University community.

This year’s Trailblazers are:


Bronze (10 Years)
Dr. Angelito Z. Antonio (SED)
Dr. Joachim Emilio B. Antonio (CAS)
Mr. Carlo Christian N. Cabrera (CCO)
Mrs. Danielle Y. Calantuan-Mejos (CAS)
Mr. Ernest Marc V. Castillo (SEC)
Mrs. Ma. Isabel O. Cerrer (ADM)
Dr. Abigail D. De Leon (SLG-IPE)
Ms. Ma. Carla P. Estanislao (OAA)
Mr. Eugenio A. Lappay (SSE)
Mrs. Mary Grace A. Lorenzo (LIB)
Mr. Dennis B. Macabudbud (ICT)
Ms. Elvira F. Roque (AFM)
Ms. Elenita C. Soriano (SMN-AMP)
Ms. Shirley Y. Tolentino (SSE)
Mr. Romeo P. Venes (SSE)
Mrs. Lydia L. Yuson (FMR)

Silver (15 Years)
Mrs. Julie Ann E. Abueg (CPR)
Mrs. Ronette Joy E. Ballesteros (FMR)
Mr. Christian S. Dominguez (CAS-PE)
Dr. Tara P. Donozo (CAS-ENG)
Mr. Rene D. Ledesma (CSA)
Mr. Jonathan T. Maat (ICT)
Mr. Alberto Jose D. Magpily (CAS-PE)
Mrs. Marylyn P. Martinez (SMN)
Mrs. Mildred M. Razon (CSA)

Gold (20 Years)
Dr. Marya Svetlana T. Camacho (EO)
Dr. Sofia Maria Perpetua A. David (SSE)
Mr. Edward Jason Joseph N. De Villa (ICT)
Dr. Veronica L. Isla (SCM)
Mrs. Maria Carina A. Ledesma (CAS)
Dr. Marina Caterina L. Molo (SCM)
Dr. Veronica E. Ramirez (CRC)
Mr. Senen U. Reyes (SMN-CFA)
Mrs. Amie L. Zuniga (FMR)

Platinum (25 Years)
Mr. Anthony C. David (ADM)
Mrs. Amanda V. Del Rosario (REG)
Mrs. Lily D. Grio (CRC)
Dr. Anna Maria E. Mendoza (SMN)
Mr. Edwin S. Pineda (SEC)

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