World-renowned Jiu Jitsu artist Cobrinha gives first Philippine class at UA&P

Ruben Charles Maciel aka “Cobrinha (Little Snake),”one of the world’s best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu artists, was recently at UA&P to share his knowledge and experience to a selected group of jiu jitsu practitioners belonging to some of the top teams. Watch a clip of the training session held at the UA&P Parking and Sports Building below:

“I want to speak out more about the jiu jitsu lifestyle,”Cobrinha said in an interview with “Of course there are some techniques as well. My goal is to come here and show them the way I’ve been training my whole life – the way it can change my life, and the way it can change anybody else’s life – this is the mission I have.”

Aside from the techniques, Cobrinha is intent on delivering a positive message.

“People always ask me what it takes to be a champion – you can train hard and do the conditioning and a person can be a champion. But I want to see if this person will be a champion in life. Being a champion in athletics is easy. Physical skills are easy, but I what I want to see is a better person off the mats.”

Still an active competitor at the age of 37, Cobrinha, who trains everyday even during the offseason, is looking to compete for another title in the world championships and defend his ADCC title next year against a field of far younger competitors.

“For me it’s a challenge. The kids I’m competing these days they have been looking up to me. When I was a champion as a black belt they were purple belts and just starting in jiu jitsu. I’ll continue competing as long as I feel my body can handle it. For me, my body and my mind is 25 years old.”

The first time visitor said Filipinos have a passion for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, adding he has a lot of Pinoy students in his Wilshire Blvd. studio in Los Angeles.



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