Family colloquium on millennials, their friends, and their world

(UPDATE: This event has been moved to March 2017.)

The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) invites everyone to a family colloquium on millennial children, their friends, and their world entitled “The World We Give, the World They Receive” at the Telengtan Hall on November 12 (Saturday) at 8:00 am (registration) to 4:00 pm. The colloquium is CAS’ contribution to the countdown to UA&P’s Jubilee Celebration.

UA&P alumni and employees with millennial children, parents of UA&P students, and millennials themselves will have a healthy dialogue on raising and understanding millennials from the lens of seeing the world and society as a legacy passed on from one generation to another. Parents of  millennials, millennials, and teachers of millennials, will examine issues from different perspectives through conversations with the audience.

There will also be a 20-minute Compact Shakespeare performance of “Hamlet” to highlight the theme of one generation passing their world to the next. Moderated forums will cap each set of activities as a means to share experiences and concerns related to the theme.

The fee is Php900 per individual registrant (early bird rate of PHP 700 until October 27), or PHP 1,400 per couple (early bird rate of Php1200 until October 27).

For confirmation and inquiries, please contact Ms. Maricar Ledesma at 637-0912 local 288 or email

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