CAS holds 37th Faculty Colloquium

The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) recently held its 37th Faculty Colloquium, which featured Dr. Joachim Emilio Antonio, Ms. Ria Cayton, and Mr. Dean Mejos.

Dr. Antonio talked about his paper entitled “The exclusive perks of YA playwrighting,” which he presented at the Asia Pacific Writers and Translators Conference 2015. Dr. Antonio discussed playwriting for young adults, saying that the downside of writing dramas is them always being under-resourced. For Dr. Antonio, the reward is being able to challenge the imagination, making dramas inclusive to young adults, and building a sense of community among the performers and the audience.

Ms. Cayton shared her experience from the Asia-Pacific Urban Youth Assembly (APUFY) which focused on making the voice of the youth heard, as well as development and housing. The main points that came up from the presentations were the use of social media in gathering data, garbage management, traffic, education that appeals to the youth, and the use of social media as a platform for advocacies and in creating solutions to problems. Ms. Cayton facilitated the debates from the different University participants and, at the end of the assembly, a youth declaration was signed by the participants and submitted to the UN.

Mr. Mejos echoed the conference he attended “Paul Ricœur in Asia: Reflections on Politics, Society and Religion,” which was convened by Dr. Leovino Garcia. Mr. Mejos gained a lot of information and insights from the plenary discussions on the interpretation of salvation and their ideas on law.  He will be sharing the abstracts and papers of the speakers once available.

– Mary Grace Caedo

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