Topping Out Ceremony of the University Residence Hall

Photos from the Topping Out Ceremony of the University Residence Hall (URH) may be viewed below. The ceremony is a builders’ rite held when the last beam is placed on top of a building. Located along St. Josemaría Escrivá Drive, the URH is expected to be completed by February 2017.

The URH is part of the strategic building plan of the UA&P Foundation, Inc. (UA&PFI) Board of Trustees, and is a joint project with the University Center Foundation, Inc. (UCFI), with whom UA&PFI shares a common mission. Funding for the project is provided by UCFI independently from the University, as well as from external donors. Spanning approximately 7,500 square meters of floor area, the URH will be composed of nine floors with features such as dining halls, living rooms, study areas and chapels in addition to its residential spaces. It will be housing male residents, primarily UA&P faculty members and students, and serve as a venue for different activities for both residents and guests.

Both project management (with minimal interface with units like AFM and FMR) and the eventual operation of the facility will be handled by UCFI, which will donate part of the funds generated by the URH to UA&P.


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