UA&P welcomes new school year with University Opening Rites

The University Opening Rites took place last August 8 at the Li Seng Giap Auditorium, officially marking the start of SY 2016-2017. UA&P President Dr. Winston Conrad Padojinog delivered his President’s Report, which outlined the University’s achievements from the past year, and urged everyone in the UA&P community to do their part in “creating our own future.”

“We cannot ‘create our own future’ if we cannot muster the courage to set ambitious goals and do our best to achieve them, the courage to break away from pessimism and negativity and to strive to make many positive things happen around us, and the courage to trust and count on one another as we go through this highly challenging—but also very exciting—period in the history and life of our University,” he said.

Dr. Padojinog also talked about the significance of next year’s Jubilee Celebration and how everyone in UA&P could contribute to making the event a meaningful one, not only as a milestone in history, but also as groundwork for the future.

“The Golden Jubilee is not just a time to celebrate and give thanks for what our still very young institution has accomplished in the past 50 years; it is also a time to dream of what we can do in the next 50,” he said. “We—all of us here in this auditorium—are presented with a unique opportunity to lay the groundwork for what UA&P will be able to achieve in the next 50 years.”

He continued: “As I said, there is much work to be done. Specifically, in the next twelve to fourteen months, we will take the first steps in transforming our operations, with two key outcomes in mind: first, to ensure our sustainability, and second, to enhance our institutional relevance and contribution to society.

“Hence, we will focus on five areas in the next twelve to fourteen months: professional programs, physical facilities, scholarship grants and donations to fund our capital expenses, institutional culture, and research and extension.”

Read the complete President’s Report here.

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