The search is on for “Dragons Inside”

13413597_1147951218588537_3918346304386266184_nWhat does it mean to be a dragon? More than a mythical beast, a dragon is a symbol of power and strength; a leader, a trailblazer. Here in UA&P, it is all that and more.

The UA&P dragon is one who embodies the values of unity, excellence, hard work, team spirit, and untiring service. He or she could be the cheerful security guard who welcomes you as you enter the school premises, your colleague who is always extending a helping hand even without asking, or your supervisor who inspires and motivates you because of the flawless work he churns out.

Know someone who demonstrates the characteristics of a dragon? Send in your nominations! It’s about time we unleash the dragons inside.


• All members of the UA&P community (employees, students, alumni, etc.) may nominate anyone who works within the University—full-time and part-time employees, consultants, project-based employees, and outsourced staff e.g. guards and SPs.
• You may nominate up to as many nominees as you please. Self-nominations are not allowed.
• Fill out the online form here with your name and nominee/s and explain how they display GREATNESS IN THE ORDINARY. You may also vote manually using the entry forms available at the drop boxes. Submit the filled-out forms at the ballot boxes near the HRM and CCO Publications offices.
• The nominees will be assessed by a panel of judges from various groups namely a Faculty member, an Administrative staff, a Management Committee or BOT member, a student representative, and an Alumnus or Alumna.
• Only ten winners will be selected and their stories will be featured on social media, internal publications, and around campus.
• They will also receive a special prize from the University President in an exclusive get-together. Nominators will receive a token from the President as well.

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