Fr. Antonio Bermejo succeeds Fr. Roberto Latorre as University Chaplain

UA&P President Dr. Winston Conrad Padojinog has announced the appointment of Fr. Antonio Elizer Bermejo as University Chaplain, succeeding Fr. Roberto Latorre. Fr. Latorre, who has served the University in various capacities, will be leaving UA&P to attend to another corporate undertaking of the Prelature.

“Through his fulfillment of these duties, Fr. Latorre has helped advance one of UA&P’s core missions, that is, ‘to promote, in an atmosphere of freedom, the integral development of all the members of the University,'” Dr. Padojinog said in his message to the UA&P community.

Aside from his regular pastoral work as a chaplain, Fr. Latorre undertook administrative duties starting SY 2011-2012, when he was appointed as the Head Chaplain of UA&P, and concurrently, as the Director of the Chaplaincy Council. In addition, Fr. Latorre committed himself as a professor of Theology under the College of Arts and Sciences’ Department of Religion.

He also extended this service to the faculty and staff, as evinced by his involvement in the University’s Institutional Development Program, specifically as an instructor for the Catholic Doctrine classes.

“Please join me in thanking Fr. Latorre for all his contributions to UA&P and in wishing him all the best in his future endeavors,” Dr. Padojinog said.

New University Chaplain Fr. Bermejo will concurrently serve as the Head of the Chaplaincy Council.

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