UA&P Dragons finish 2nd runner-up at MMAC 2016

The UA&P Men’s Basketball team finished 2nd runner-up at the 2016 Metro Manila Athletic Conference (MMAC) after a victory over ICCT Colleges at the World Citi Colleges Gym. Individual awards were also given to the following Dragons as part of the Mythical Selection teams:

  • Mac Valdez – Mythical 5 (First team)
  • Popoy Navarro – Mythical 5 (Second team)
  • Diego Gutierrez – Mythical 5 (Second team)

From the MMAC Facebook page:

“Playing with steely determination UA&P broke through the gangly arms of the ICCT bigs and muscled through the paint for the points that mattered in the final outcome as they took second runner up honors in the WCC Gym at Aurora Boulevard. The lead changed hands several times during the course of the game and it seemed like there was no clear favorite to win. At the final minutes, the Dragons took the initiative offensively, making daring drives off the break and cold hearted jumpers at the wing despite ICCT ‘s courageous defensive effort.”

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