Board of Trustees appoints new VPs Dr. Marya Camacho and Daniel Reyes

UA&P President Dr. Winston Conrad B. Padojinog, on behalf of the Board of Trustees of the University of Asia and the Pacific Foundation, Inc. (UA&PFI), announced the appointment of Dr. Marya Svetlana T. Camacho and Mr. Daniel Rodrigo D. Reyes as Vice President for Faculty Affairs (VPFA) and Vice President for Business Development (VP DEV), respectively, effective July 1.

A distinguished historian and educator, Dr. Camacho is well-versed in handling managerial positions. She has held governance posts starting in 1999 when she was appointed as Research Director for History under the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS). She has also intermittently served as Department Chair of History and as an Operations Committee member of the College. From 2008 until 2011, Dr. Camacho held the position of Dean and, from 2012 to 2014, served as Vice Dean for Academic Affairs.

Mr. Reyes has had extensive experience, both in breadth and depth, as a senior manager. For the past two decades, he has held executive positions in various industries, e.g., as President, CEO and COO of companies such as Insular Health Care and PhilamCare Health Systems. He also held the position of Executive Director of the PAREF Southridge School for Boys.

More recently, Mr. Reyes became Managing Director of the University’s Corporate Planning and Review (CPR) unit,  while concurrently holding the position of Executive Director of the Center for Research and Communication (CRC). In May 2016, he was elected President of CRC Foundation, Inc. (CRCFI)

The VPFA handles issues related to the development, formation, and evaluation of the faculty members. She is also in charge of matters pertaining to teaching and learning methodologies, as well as faculty research and publications. The VP DEV is responsible, among other things, for marketing and corporate communications, corporate planning, and business development.

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