CSR to deliver ASMAP Cohort 3 in Jakarta and Manila

13501742_1210100255702654_4152972992714392868_nThe UA&P Center for Social Responsibility (CSR), in collaboration with the National Center for Sustainability Reporting, Jakarta, and the Universitas Pertahanan Indonesia (UNHAN), will hold the Executive Training Program in Applied Sustainability Management in Asia Pacific (ASMAP Cohort 3, 2016) for its third consecutive year. This year’s ASMAP is unique because it will be delivered in two venues: in Jakarta Indonesia, from July 27 to 29, and in Manila, Philippines, from August 24 to 26. 

ASMAP is a multidisciplinary program that aims to provide professionals with practical focus and clarity in Sustainability Management through innovative modules that incorporate sustainability concepts with live, visceral and tools-based strategies to create meaningful competitive advantage for business. For cohort 3, the program takes a bold and innovative approach to sustainability by emphasizing the role and responsibilities of the ASEAN business community in addressing the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) challenges and opportunities. The topics for ASMAP Cohort 3 are:

  • Module 1. Current Business Context
  • Module 2. Principles of Sustainability and the Current Global Challenges
  • Module 3. The Business Case for Integrating Sustainability in Business Policies and Practices
  • Special Session. Indonesia’s Experience with Energy & Mineral Resources Sustainability Management
  • Module 4. COP21 and Business Sustainability
  • Module 5. Supply Chain Sustainability
  • Module 6. Emerging Topics in Sustainability

View the complete program and registration form here.

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